In the Community…The MRC Mighty Rescue Crew

The MRC Might Rescue Crew was formed in 2009 in conjunction with that year’s Association of Midwest Museums annual conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. Members of the Midwest Registrars Committee (MRC) – aka the Mighty Rescue Crew (MRC!) – came to the aid of the Goldstein Museum of Design (GMD) at the University of Minnesota. Like the Angels Projects of the American Institute for Conservation, the MRC volunteers gathered to assist a needy museum on a one-day collections project.

This one-day project has developed into several other opportunities in which the MRC-MRC volunteers within the community hosting the annual conference to help museum’s in need of extra helping hands.

Pictured left: The original MRC Mighty Rescue Crew at the Goldstein Museum of Design at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul, MN. September 2009.

2014: St. Louis, Missouri

In 2014 the Mighty Rescue Crew visited the Griot Museum of Black History on Monday, July 14 during the St. Louis AMM conference. MRC volunteers created almost 20 archival mounts for a variety of hats in the Griot Museum’s permanent collection.

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