Who can join?

Voting membership in the Midwest Registrars Committee is open to those museum personnel who support the objectives of the MRC and who reside in the Midwest region, including:

•    Illinois •    Indiana •    Iowa •  Michigan •    Minnesota •    Missouri •    Ohio •    Wisconsin

You don’t have to be a registrar! Collections managers, curators, volunteers, administrators, conservators, corporate registrars, students, or other collections care professionals are encouraged to join.

A non-voting membership is available for individuals who are associated with for-profit organizations such as shipping companies, customs brokers, insurance firms, and other suppliers of materials and services, and individuals who reside outside of the Midwest region.

Benefits of membership •    The Courier, MRC’s quarterly newsletter •    Funding assistance for state workshops •    Professional network •    Workshops •    Travel stipends to attend annual AMM Conference •    Membership directory

Membership fees

  • Annual dues are $10.00 per year
  • The membership period covers the calendar year (January 1-December 31)
  • Dues can be paid by check or through PayPal